Sunday, January 18, 2009

"We're ridiculous"

Yes we are.

Oooh, it's gonna hurt alright. No matter what we decide, whatever happens, it's going to hurt. I have some idea how much, too... so it's more than a little terrifying. But I've been thinking about it and I've decided - fuck it - it doesn't matter if it lasts a week, or a few weeks, or a few hundred weeks. Or even just a few more hours!
Even just one more hour like that would be...


How did this happen? How has everything changed?

I want.......... what do I want? Nnnnnngh I don't KNOW!!

No, I think I DO know what I want. "Think" is the wrongest of wrong words - I KNOW what I want!
I want whatever I can get.
No more. That's ok. More than ok! And even though I'm scared, I'm not feeling weird about it at all. It's petrifying - but it comes so easily too. Does that make sense? Anyway, no amount of nerves or uncertainty or time-restrictions can stop me enjoying it - all of it - every second until...

I go from wanting to throw up, to wanting to sing, to wanting to scream, to wanting to dance, to wanting to drink, to laughing at all the aforementioned madnesses.

To sum up: This is the BEST mistake I'll ever make.


  1. oooh intrigue, i wanna say whats up but i dont wanna sound nosy :P

  2. And babe, since you said you wanna play in my letter game..the letter for you is L.

    come on make the list :P

  3. lol :D

    hmmm... i'll start puttin it together now but goin drinkin fpr the evening so prob won't post it till tomorrow sometime - will comment ya when i do! x

  4. Are you getting your legs waxed or something?

    I know, it's not a small step to make, but you won't regret it.

  5. haha.. no, not quite!