Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ouch >.<

I hate migraines! Today has been a complete write-off. It’s not fair. I get NO say in it. It’ll just come on me and, no matter how hard I fight it, it’s a matter of dropping everything and waiting ‘till I can fall asleep – which can take hours...

If the headache could talk, he’d chuckle and say, “Plans? Tough shit. You’re not doing eh-heh-heeehnything* today!”

I like being in control - so I absolutely HATE the helplessness I feel when one’s coming on. I’ll try ignore it, try get on with my day, but I know the longer I leave it the worse it’ll get..which is infuriating. Still, I suppose the sensation of it creeping up on me is kind of a luxury – at least I have some sort of warning – and can get another hour or two of productivity out of the day. But sometimes, like today for instance, I’ll just wake up with a full-blown horrible one; no build-up, no warning, and no hope for getting anything done that day! Cancel everything, stick my head in the freezer, and, most importantly.. turn OFF those DAMN LIGHTS..

Finally got over it, though, with some effort..
Couldn’t bear to get dressed and go to the shop for Neurofen Plus (which I shouldn’t take anyway, but they’re the only things that work, really) so I scraped around my floor and finally found an almost empty bottle of that Advil PM stuff I got in the states this summer. The only painkillers in the house, and not very effective, but they had sleep aid! Sleep is the only sure-fire cure for MY migraines. Well, it works about 85% of the time. Anyway. Yay.

Waited what seemed like HOURS for them to kick in, and they didn’t quite stop the ache, but totally helped me drift off! After choking down a few slices of pizza, dozed fitfully on an armchair by the window (Bed too hot! Too hot! Everywhere too hot. Air!!) ... and thank God but after a few hours I woke up feeling much, much, muuuch better.

It’s a fantastic feeling – right after a migraine lifts. Nothing beats it! It’s strange – I just feel NORMAL – but, after the ache and heat and pressure of the migraine; Normal Feels Incredible!!! It’s the best feeling in the world! GOD I feel so good! Like new! Like brand spanking new and FULL of energy and happy to be alive and dying to go DO something! It's AWESOME!

Anyone know what I mean?

*don’t ask why it talks like Dr. Cox… =P


  1. Ugh! I get migraines too. Not too often, but three or four a year is more than enough!!!

  2. i used to get like, 2 or 3 a week! but they're far less frequent now, thank god.. they hit like once a month - or less.

    and i complain about them, but i do know how lucky i am - mine are bad, but i know people who get much, MUCH worse ones..

  3. I've had a mild bout of depression this weekend.

    And let me tell you. Right now I feel normal and it is also INCREDIBLE! oh how I love normal :)

    glad your migraine is over - I get them 6 or 7 times a year and they are so horrible! the only cure for me is lots of tylenol and going to bed!

    found you from 20sb p.s.! have a great normal day!

  4. normal rocks. :) people really do take feelin' fine for granted!

  5. normal is the best?:) but hell yes, after youve been in such pain. Migraine sucks.