Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I can't think of one celebrity, politician, anyone, who I'd be bowled over by seeing. I don't think I'd ever be starstruck by anyone - they're just people, right?

The one exception? The xkcd guy! (and also Jeff Goldblum, perhaps).
I love Him(capital H) - and I would be dumbstruck.

After a friend introduced me to the site, I found I could spend up to an hour at a time clicking on "random" and ROTFLMFAO-ing at the genius gems of wonderful wry brilliance that would appear on my humble screen.

I then took to saving all the cartoons that made me laugh the most. Bad idea. At this stage I've saved so many that I think my computer's running slower because of it.

Here are some of my current faves (He doesn't mind them being used on blogs - or in non-profit publications. Saintly!):

This blog post is more for me than for you readers - I get to look at it every time I log in to blogger!! :D

Also, I know some are fuzzy - but it's the best I could do and, trust me, they're worth the eye-strain!

Go to xkcd.com and love it. Go! Now!


  1. Hah. The "fucking jacket" comic actually made me chuckle out loud! That's great!

  2. funny thing about the Youtube virus one is, you'll notice they've actually put in a 'hear aloud' button since this cartoon first hit the net..

    which i thought was pretty interesting! and makes it all the funnier!

  3. Anonymous2:43 am

    I'm with Sassy. There's coffee on my keyboard - hilarious.