Saturday, January 24, 2009

2am?! (also - Lucky day!)

I had an early night. The first in a long, long time. It wasn't planned - come 10 o'clock I was just ready to pass out - and I fell asleep without a problem...

How freakin' frustrating is that! And try as I may, I cannot seem to get back to sleep. No whiskey in the house for a hot whiskey. No milk to make hot chocolate or even just hot milk - I'm drinking water. And, if anything, it's waking me up MORE.

Watching stupid re-runs of Sex and the City on Paramount seems to be the only answer.

Our broadband's broken in the house - and by broken I mean our landlords fucked up AGAIN. But I'm using a (very weak) connection from a neighbouring house. "information may be visible by other.....blah blah blah" - I don't care. It's worth it. I hate not having a connection in the house. What else can keep you company/entertained in the wee hours better than the good ol' IdirlĂ­n...

Something very cool happened today! Y'know the little miracles I talked about in my Moon River post? Yeah, one of them! I got a taxi Wednesday morning to the bus station - and left a bag in the back! I spent all day ringing various Dublin taxi companies, asking them to send out the message, rang the Burlington hotel (where the taxi rank was) - all sorts of panicking. And had planed on ringing the Carriage Office at Dublin Castle - just needed to go get more phone credit (had used it all up).

And I got a taxi to town as I was running a little late.
And guess what?

"Did I have you in the cab the other mornin'?"

Yep!! And he had it in the boot of the car! He said he was gonna drop it into the Carriage Office that evening, but had kept it in hopes he'd bump into me again. Thing is - that means if I'd rang the Carriage Office when I got to town, it wouldn't have been there yet and I'd have probably given up! If I hadn't been late, I wouldn't have got a taxi, and he certainly wouldn't have been sitting at the top of the rank at any other point today!

See? Odd little things that remind me life's to be laughed at, and with, and it's your friend, really..end of the day...

I might be on a TV show on TG4! Update on that once I know more..

Haha this is one of my more pointless, self-indulgent posts, I know... I just felt like a bit of a grumble! And I'd love to ramble on for another little bit, but I'll leave it at that for now.
Night night blog.. I'm gonna TRY go back to sleep.


  1. odd but a meaningful thing indeed. The cab driver is a good person, unlike cab drivers here. People can say most things you left in cabs good byes.

  2. wow, that's pretty awesome that you managed to be at just the right place at just the right moment and recoup your bag. on the other hand, what's not so awesome is waking up at 2am and not being able to go back to sleep. gayyy.

    but at least you have sex and the city to keep you company. pretty much the best show ever.

    hope you're having a great weekend!! :]