Monday, January 26, 2009

Re: Ouch >.<

Isn't it incredible? It's migraine art! I, personally, don't get a visual aura - but stuff like this makes me wish I did! (Instead I just act out of character, stressed, and spaced-out during the pre-attack aura stage..... or sometimes I can get hyper-happy or startlingly low! Which is weird, and I don't know what's going on till the pain hits and I'm like - Oh! Right!)

A few months back I read in Scientific American (my dad subscribes - he's awesome) that - apparently - the migraine "happens" in the front of the brain in people who get visual disturbances, and in people who don't see anything funny it's in the back.
(Sorry I haven't a proper quote or anything - I've lost the issue somewhere in my room!)

Mad jagged designs, blind spots... it all sounds much more interesting than mood swings and concentration lapses! But, yeah, i know; greener grass and all that jazz...

Here's another from this thread (which is worth checking out..):

I totally fucking know how that^^ feels! That, right there, is similar to stuff I've doodled when I've had a headache (and a pen in work/college) - might post some here at some point! But I have a rotten habit of throwing away everything I draw these days...
(something to do with my bitterness at having abandoned the art college dream?)

Have a look at this NY Times slideshow for more examples!

"... there is speculation that some of the mystical paintings from medieval times, including the work of Hildegard von Bingen (Saint Hildegard), were actually the "visions" that resulted, at least in part, from a migraine attack. Van Gogh, Seurat, and many other artists have also been cited as possible "migraine artists." "

^That article from Psychology Today is an interesting read if you've got 5 minutes.. it's true that it's very difficult to describe pain in words sometimes - and I don't know how many times I've felt like slapping a doctor who's dismissed my headache as a sinus congestion-related pain when I'm trying to explain that "it's not just there, it's aaall here and kind of, in that way and pushing down here and sometimes here and... but further in.. and that way and through there!"

ha... clear?


  1. I've always felt a bit spoilt, with regard to headaches and migraines. I think I've had a 'headache' once, or maybe twice, and they've only ever been slight annoyances.

    I'm told a 'headache' is meant to be horrible -- I would know if I had a headache, apparently. And a migraine is even worse than that...

    I sympathise... I wonder what kind of art I could create with a migraine!

  2. Anonymous5:17 am

    Wait is migraine art a result of migraine or art that causes migraine.. cuz this pic actually gave me a headache wen i saw it LOL

  3. lmao.. harsh!! it's not THAT bad :P

    i know what i mean though - it's farily descriptive..! poor skull head guy...

  4. i know what YOU mean*

    haha... sorry - of course I know what I mean..