Thursday, May 25, 2006

Impartial Internet (~Rant~)

*bad, old posts from 03ish, imported from myspace blog*

those personality quiz things are so addictive!

i've a huge project due waaay too soon and whenever i get on the laptop to get somethin done, i end up tickin boxes to find out What's My Inner Hair Colour or What Breed of Dog I Am

it's mad!

I'M mad. it just takes so little effort and passes time, whenever i'm too tired from the night before to feel like doin much. except procrastinate the hours away....

i dunno what makes them so appealing to people. maybe it's that, if you get a complimentary/funny result, you can post it somewhere - letting people know yer great! without feelin like yer blabbing? or without seemin up yer own arse.

well that's not my reason. of course. *cough* nah seriously though, some results aren't exactly stuff i'd broacast to make myself look good.. i just think they're a laugh! they're pointless, mindless entertainment. for when there's nothing on tv.

and i like answering the questions more than i do getting the results. they're questions about yourself people never ask - so you never get to think about. after a good long, pointless, hour-consuming quiz, i always feel a little more enlightened as to what exactly goes on in my head. a step closer to deciphering SOME bit of sense from the mess of thoughts, all clamouring and tryin to out-shout each other.

the questions may be simple, but make you think. some quizzes are a laugh, but some can make you look at yourself. and if you get a result ya don't like, maybe you needed to hear it.

friends make allowances, and don't always tell you "you're a fucking moron" when you ARE. and when you need to hear it. so often can't be relied on. and non-friends have a tendency to say that sh!t ANYWAY so can't be relied on either really.

but when it's your own honest, private answers, and a faceless, unbiased third party giving it's opinion, it can be really helpfull.

really these quizzes are a watered-down version or the exact reason i love the internet. you can get an outside, detached person's point of view on something and that's really helped me a lot.

be it some arbitrary randomer from a chatroom, fat 30 year old internet-addicts on msn, or bitter middle-aged women on advice forums who claim to have "seen it all"... it's always interesting to get the point of view of someone who hasn't a clue what they're talking about, either to show you what NOT to do, or strengthen your hunch by forcing you to defend it.

or, the odd time, you'll find some real pearls of windom out there..cos whatever your dilemma...when you've a wire connecting you to millions of people all over the world...someone's "bin there". NO situation's as unique as ya first think.

hey look! i made a point!
better quit qhile i'm ahead.