Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Year. Day 3. Wee hours.

Write here more? We'll see.
Draw more? Hopefully.

More water, and cut down on caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and cigarettes.
Stay positive (going well, but no harm renewing the more important goals)
Most of the same resolutions as I've had every year, tbh.

So what's new?

Go easier on myself? Well. That's a new one.
This semester - half of my path to a bright new future - was tough. With the play finished (sort of) I've at least got my evenings back. My part-time job will still take up two and a half days a week, but I can't afford to cut back on that.

So how else can I reclaim time for me-time? How can I go easier on myself? I must meet the demands of my course - and I always give 100%.

But.. Someone informed me my course awards a distinction for 70+, and everything else is just a pass! Discouraging, and makes me wonder if maybe aiming a little lower than I usually do wouldn't be such a bad thing... I could get 69, or 40%, and get the same diploma. Why wear myself out?

Why? Because that's what I do - how I'm wired - and how it has to be.

... Some days I wish I had the willpower to hang back. Relax, and coast through. In the end..
Oh well!