Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Fun-in-Sun Summer Tales

I had a mini-holiday in Germany 2 weeks ago, y’know! Did I mention that? I’ve been neglecting this poor bedraggled blog lately…

Wrangled ONE day off, (in between my usual two. 3 in a row = buy plane tickets!) Drinking on a work night out, followed by an all-night bday house party, followed by drunken mess in security, followed by missed flight, followed by drunken tears, followed by bus home, nap, bus back, NEW flight, and… FINALLY arrived! Ich bin ein Dortmunder!

Went to Dortmund to see some friends who are over on Erasmus there. It was fan-freakin’ tastic. I managed to see some sights, visit Dusseldorf and Köln, get myself a Curry Wurst (which I hadn’t had for 6 YEARS… and which didn’t taste as good as I remembered), do some shopping, eat some sushi (with novelty fish-shaped Soy sauce thingie!), fuck-up hair by ill-advisedly spraying deodorant in it (don’t ask), practice my German and re-learn stuff, taste (legal!?!) Poitín in an “Irish” bar (called Limericks!), taste waaatury Guinness in same, stay out all night at a mental metal(ish?) club that didn’t close, link arms doing Jager shots with a beautiful Russian…
All this in a day and a bit. (The final day was spent with a mean hangover-turned-day-long-migraine that was NOT fun to travel with) – and, turned out, the beautiful Russian had wanted to see me! *pout* Shame. Well, he’d’ve had some shock if he did. I was…less that “put together.”

I have another mini-holiday coming up – Bank holiday! That means Sunday and Tuesday off as usual….and… the shop’s closed Monday! HELL yeah.
I’m going to Limerick, lady! And it’s been far too long and I hope you all are ready for a homecoming to be remembered.

I miss my mam and dad most of all. They’re coming to Dublin Monday, ‘though. And the five of us are going to U2 together!
I must insist on more family (that’s ALL five pieces, please) outings/events/things... Since we all split up and went our own ways, we’ve made an effort – but not enough. I miss feeling like a solid family unit…thing.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Is doigh gur chreid mé i ngrá,
Sular tháinig cara liom air

The Summer So Far

I thought I’d be lonely and miserable this summer – the only one not going away; my friends mostly in Limerick/Cork; the one stuck in Dublin after (bizarrely) landing a job when no-one else could. (When I didn’t really even try...) But I’m having a blast. I have people. Great people. Just ‘cos they’re not around doesn’t mean I’m no longer the luckiest person alive. My friends and family are incredible. And they’ve visited me a LOT more often than I could have hoped since the summer started. Which is great. ‘Cos I haven’t gotten home since I started in Specsavers (two days off… but not together. Sunday and Tuesday. Crap? Yeah.)

The work crowd are great. Really a fab bunch. Never settled into a place so quickly in my life – school, jobs, whatever – never! Really clicked with a few of them. Good people. My kinda people.

And I have my Conradh family – my weird, extended, Gaeilge-labharing family...

A friend of mine said to me last night (as Gaeilge, but I’ll paraphrase in English here:) that he really respected my attitude: I work hard (maybe too hard) and take on too much, simply for fear of missing a single opportunity that comes my way. He said that some people (NORMAL people), when tired, accept their tiredness and take a break. I, however, swat it away and don’t consider it a hinderance (apparently). Then I seem surprised when I get exhausted and run-down – which he said was hilarious to him. And weird. But cool.

I just shrugged. I suppose it IS pretty funny. But I don’t see myself as that; a sort of stupid blind Energiser Bunny who, ‘though impressive, is bound to run out of steam and doesn’t know when to quit. I DO know when to quit. I just don’t want to. And don’t feel like I can.

It’s a pain I got a job, in some ways, but not in others. It’s a pain I have to work the other jobs – but I love them all.
“Keep interested in your own career, however humble. It is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.”
I’ll be out of college before I know it. And all my ideas and plans and great projects can wait a few more months. I have a LOT of ideas. Once I get my degree, unless I miraculously (irritatingly) land an ab fab job the very day I graduate, I am gonna start living for me and my dreams, man. And I am going to have earned every minute of it.

And I'm gonna see more of my fecking friends and family, dammit.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Since dying my hair brown, I've taken a new inerest in the thing. For a long time I've taken no care of it, whatsoever (as evidenced by the ratty ends, fluffy condition, and odd limbo-"style" that's neither curly, straight, or even wavy, to be honest...)

So, I'm getting it cut today! In fact, I'll keep this brief or I'll be late for my appointment.

Chopping off the green-ish ends (not exactly punk-rock green, and my friends tell me I'm imagining it, but there's a sheen off of it that simply MUST go) - that'll make it look like it's in better condition, it'll be less heavy and lank, and, the colour'll look fresher!

Gettin' a wash and blowdry - though hate the way they always flatten it - all straight and dull. I am not a straight-hair girl!

Yikes, I'm officially gonna be late now - bbl! (...perhaps with a new fringe! Gasp!)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

RE: "Interesting"

That post there a few posts ago - I changed my mind. It'd be pretty unfair to meet up with him when I'm so...blatantly not interested. Shame. I want to be, but can see where it's going and don't like it.

Most posts on here, I've regretted the second I've written them. With an attitude like that, you may think I shouldn't have a blog - but that's exactly the reason why I have one...

...To tap away in an internet cafe and get all the rambling crap out of my head and into the e-abyss. :P

Rather than respond to that irritating email...

... I said I'd write a post! Don't worry - I haven't given a thought to what it'll be about, so it'll be as here-and-there and rambly as any of mine. Yay.

Saw someone walking down Grafton St with the hoodie we designed for our society. My logo, C's design; awesome! Turned my mood around - bigtime!

Stressy day at work. Very, very tired. Regret staying late in the Mezz last night - but, hell, that band were pretty effin' brilliant.

Bought some CDs - wooo!

I love where I work. It's so bizarre working somewhere where I was so often a customer, seeing the inner-workings of it all, working alongside the people who fitted me for my glasses a year ago, going downstairs and barging through the staff-only door I'd always wondered at, getting better eye-related advice and understanding than I'd've ever got as a customer... I'd've never known to ask! It's fascinating. I work with a cool group of people too.

I get too involved with some of the customers, though. One time, I was so adamant that there MUST be something I could do to help someone, that I ended up pissing them off. I tried one idea, it didn't work. I tried another - failed. Again and again, all the while, the person's hopes are roller-coaster-ing and he's getting (understandably) irritated... I eventually give up - having been told by a superior that there was no point, nothing we can do, etc. And he FLIPPED. But can you blame him? If I'd listened to my supervisor in the first place, instead of desperately exhausting every option... if I'd made less of an effort... and said straight out: "Nah, sorry man" .. then it'd have been a much smaller deal..! Ah well. I tried. Even if I did drive the poor guy demented.

Helping people's great though, when it works out. Fixing glasses is the best bit - they're (usually) always so grateful.
There's worse ways I could be spending my summer.

And I know I haven't been updating the blog much, except with weirdy, not-well-thought-out stuff here and there. I've no internet at home, and little time, and too much going on. And that's not such a bad thing!

Oh, and I dyed my hair brown Sunday night. I'm kicking myself at not doing it before now. It's the darkest it's been since I was about 13 (it's been varying shades of light brown, red, purple.. and, finally, 2 years of blonde) - and I adore it. Even if it IS taking some getting used to.

My parents are gonna load into the car, with my sis and brother, and troop up to Dublin this Sunday - to take me to dinner as a combined Bday dinner for Rob and my dad, and a treat for lonely, far-away me. I am so, so excited about it - disproportionately, maybe! But... y'know, it's the best news I could've possibly ever, ever gotten right now. I can't think of anything I'd rather do.