Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Since dying my hair brown, I've taken a new inerest in the thing. For a long time I've taken no care of it, whatsoever (as evidenced by the ratty ends, fluffy condition, and odd limbo-"style" that's neither curly, straight, or even wavy, to be honest...)

So, I'm getting it cut today! In fact, I'll keep this brief or I'll be late for my appointment.

Chopping off the green-ish ends (not exactly punk-rock green, and my friends tell me I'm imagining it, but there's a sheen off of it that simply MUST go) - that'll make it look like it's in better condition, it'll be less heavy and lank, and, the colour'll look fresher!

Gettin' a wash and blowdry - though hate the way they always flatten it - all straight and dull. I am not a straight-hair girl!

Yikes, I'm officially gonna be late now - bbl! (...perhaps with a new fringe! Gasp!)


  1. I'm with Sebastian on this one.

  2. I always love haircuts. Will wanna see pics too :)

  3. i got the fringe!! aaagh! i look really different! :S I love/hate it! (it'll take some getting used to, I think...)
    All comments are positive so far, though! No one's seen me and gagged, or anything...

    will get pics up soon.