Friday, September 25, 2009

HOW did I miss this?

National Punctuation Day was yesterday. There I was, raising my drink to Arthur (and parsnips..), when I should have also saved a toast for this wonderful, noble holiday. My new favourite holiday, in fact. 'Till Halloween, at least. (If it even lasts that long...)

I was reading an award-winning novel the other day and there were countless, blatant mistakes that really took from the story. It's hard to concentrate and lose yourself in the text when you come across a sentence that must be re-read. Shame. Great story.

This is it, though; great writers aren't necessarily great editors...
And vice-versa.

Being back in college is weird. It'll be a while before I get back into this internet obsession thing. I shook it off over the summer but it's coming back, I think. Means I'll spend more time here.

Probably not, 'though... I'll be quite busy this year. Scared? Nah. Projects seem doable. Altogether I've come up with about 30 different ideas; between dissertation ideas, radio package ideas, articles, etc... I need one good idea for each assignment. All different. All I've come up with to date are... well... shit.

Terrible. Rubbish. But, there's 30 of them. And the more shitty ones I come up with, the closer I get to the good ones. Maybe I could even dust off some old ideas, or really twist and mould these shit ones into something resembling a possibility.

We'll see.

Rough night ahead. Long story. Wishing for a migraine to get me out of it... No luck so far. Fuckers are never around when I need them. And I pulled enough fake ones in secondary school to know it's not worth it - people stop taking you seriously and you end up in HELL when you DO get an attack and no one accepts your excuses, or has any sympathy.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Did I hear that right?

I think Lenihan said there that the property/land/assets/whatever only has to rise by 10% over the next 10 years in order for NAMA to break even...

Well... that doesn't sound too bad.

Still, 'though - I do not trust it.

A funny doomed feeling..

Watching the NAMA thing in the Dail on telly - stressful. Not able for it, but can't look away. Between this and Lisbon 2, I've got an awfully sickly sinking feeling - but all I can do is watch as it all goes to pot. A lot of talk going on, all quite hopeless to be honest.

Christ. Recessions happen! It's natural; crap, and tough, but natural. The economy ebbs and flows and none of this knee-jerk panic is going to help - this bizarre plan is insane, and too risky to justify. Yet I'm listening to the bastards try and fail at doing just that... and wondering how they sleep.

I s'pose Cowen probably drinks himself into a coma, his huge red nose swelling with saturation, and whatever guilt he SHOULD feel, numbed. My mum said she feels sorry for him - Bertie having landed him in this, and all. But, I'm sorry, who was the Finance Minister under Bertie, again? Rudolf himself.

Anyone else up for a sesh on Lisbon night? Either to celebrate or mourn - whichever.

"May you live in interesting times..."


Monday, September 07, 2009

Stop asking me my "Plan" for next year...

There's a smell of silage in this e-cafe. ick.

Lots of little things that've happened over the summer have gotten me thinking - hard - about what I wanna do. It also helps that people are constantly aaasking...

Well, what I mean is, what I wanna do in the future. I know EXACTLY what I wanna do NOW...

Right now, I wanna mess around and enjoy my days - and I have been. A lot!
I wanna hold on and embrace the playful, spontaneous attitude that abandoned me for a while until, recently, resurfacing and making everything more fun again.
I went to the pharmacy the other day and came back with a painting - well, a print of a photo - which I hung on my wall. It's arguably the most pointless waste of money I've ever bought but, now, is my absolute pride and joy. It's a lovely scene from DĂșn Chaoin in Kerry. Best bit is, I've BEEN there - I remember passing that exact spot and going, wow, I'd LOVE to take a picture that captures just how vertigo-y and awe-smacking this sight is. And this photographer did just that. Lovely. (Handy.)

I'm so chilled lately. Call me crazy, but I put it down to quitting drinking Coke! I did drink an atrocious amount, y'know... and it was fucking with my insides sumthin' AWful...

Maybe it's more than that.

Anyway...all ramblings aside - what I wanna do next year when I finish college is a mystery. Why? Because I wanna do exactly as I'm doing now. Keep letting things happen, taking stupid chances and getting involved in weird shit and reaping the benefits. Call it luck, call it balls, call it life, but I've always gotten what I wanted - well, I've not always know what that was until it came around, but basically I've always landed on my feet.

My plan for when I finish college? Roll with it. Follow the flow. Do EXACTLY what I've always done - which is, NOT make a plan. Just see.

It usually works.

And the best decisions are the ones made at the last minute.

Sure, that's the sole reason I'm sitting here right now.. Grafton St.'s extortionate little e-cafe, on a mediocre Dublin day, after work in Spex's, checking my timetable for my final year - starting this day fortnight. (Journalism, of all things - what was I thinking?)