Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A funny doomed feeling..

Watching the NAMA thing in the Dail on telly - stressful. Not able for it, but can't look away. Between this and Lisbon 2, I've got an awfully sickly sinking feeling - but all I can do is watch as it all goes to pot. A lot of talk going on, all quite hopeless to be honest.

Christ. Recessions happen! It's natural; crap, and tough, but natural. The economy ebbs and flows and none of this knee-jerk panic is going to help - this bizarre plan is insane, and too risky to justify. Yet I'm listening to the bastards try and fail at doing just that... and wondering how they sleep.

I s'pose Cowen probably drinks himself into a coma, his huge red nose swelling with saturation, and whatever guilt he SHOULD feel, numbed. My mum said she feels sorry for him - Bertie having landed him in this, and all. But, I'm sorry, who was the Finance Minister under Bertie, again? Rudolf himself.

Anyone else up for a sesh on Lisbon night? Either to celebrate or mourn - whichever.

"May you live in interesting times..."



  1. Where you quoting Discworld? :P

  2. Eh, no, I wasn't... ? What are you referring to..?

    'Though I've heard they're quite good, I've never read'm, actually.
    (I know, shock horror...)

  3. 'May you live in interesting times' is used in one of the books (Interesting Times). I guess you were using the original Chinese proverb... damn!

    You'd like them I think...!

  4. Ha.. yep. I guess I was. Funny how quotes do still exist outside of pop-lit...

    And, yes, so I've been told..! Just haven't got around to them yet. :)