Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Deep in the Dip

Well. Here we go again. The lower point of the wave. All this bouncing and crashing’s making me a little ill. But I’ll keep going from this, and zip back to the top, and stall briefly, and it all starts again. And that’s how it’s going to feel. And that’s ok.

The only person I can control is myself. And that’s exactly what I’ll do. If I keep my head, I’ll beat this. I’m a tough cookie! Not at the moment, sure, but in general.

I’m angry. At myself and at other people. Other people never make me as angry as I make myself. And maybe that’s my problem, not theirs. And maybe I really can do this.

“Speak your truth quietly and clearly”
Desiderata – I’ve always tried to live like that; time to try a little harder. Especially with that line.

It’s ok to open up, to let the world see me. I have nothing to hide! I have nothing to be ashamed of! I have nothing to lose. And I certainly would hate to miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Again!

Come on, Aoife.


  1. oh :( youve been through pretty much a lot these days, hang in there..things will work out soon enough, they always do.

  2. was feeli' a lttle down when i wrote that - reading it now i feel more than a little silly..! :) it's all good..

  3. I Love your blog, it makes me feel like i'm not the onli one