Friday, January 16, 2009


Aaaaaall-nighter. Stupid Exam. Last exam. It's at 2pm today. It's 9 am now.

What!? 9am already?

Better get crackin' back into the study - still got one more chapter to do before I'm happy with myself.

Not that my brain works anymore anyway. Migraine day - I can always tell somehow.
No! Y'know what? I REFUSE to have a migraine today!
(never works, but worth a shot....again)

A friend told me that sleep deprivation puts you in a similar mental state to being drunk. Well... might just have a beer then! (Damned if you do.....)
Ah now.. don't look at me like that!
They're only little beers. Tiny bottles, cheaper than chips, Tesco's finest rat-piss, three or four left... I'll just go check.

One won't hurt. :D Can anyone else open bottles with their teeth or am I just exceptionally cool..?

Well then, Goooooood Morning! While you were sleeping I was studying. For the last few hours it's been lovely, though - sweet twittering bird noises and early morning anti-twilight* and all that - but now all the business-minded busy people are up and awake and driving around the street outside my house and pissing me off... and there's another stupid motorbike and a siren and a screech... shhhh... I'm trying to concentrate here!

*sips beer.. rolls cigarette*

Last exam for a LONG time, 'though. Thank god for that.
Last all-nighter for a LONG time. All-nighters and me have enjoyed a very close, loving relationship since Secondary School. They've served me well and rarely let me down. Cramming is almost like a hobby to me. The lecturer lady for Shorthand (the indecipherable hieroglyphic bullcrap subject we were subjected to in 1st year) told the class that "you can't cram for shorthand; it's something you need to practice, like learning to write."

So I proved her wrong and got like 70% with a day and a half's work having done no practice whatsoever all year. That's another hobby of mine; Proving people wrong about things that aaaaaren't really worth my time...

Another is being a pain in the arse.

I was certain I'd mess these exams up - badly, very very badly. Which is unlike me. I NEVER fail. Never have. (despite my somewhat unconventional study methods *sip*)
I CAN'T fail - I'd never be forgiven for it if I did!
By me, or by....well.

The start of the semester was so rough and everything's been shaky since - good, relative to other years, but shaky. Things are good - but I wasn't at college much (understatement) and I beat myself up over it a LOT - but that's ok. And if I DO fail tomorrow, that's ok. And if I'm not always on top of things, that's ok. I am much more chilled out. It was the stress and annoyance@self that kept me out of college, on top of the grief and an unshakable tiredness..... But I feel like chilling out played a part in doing well in the last two exam papers. And will help me through tomorrow, regardless of what work I get done between now and 2.

But someone up there likes me - in Monday's "Documentary Studies" exam, despite having only been to 3 of the lectures (THREE!) I was able to answer the questions - and answer them WELL. People were saying, "crap I spent all night studying (insert topic here) and it never came up!" and I thought to myself, "hehe - I've never HEARD of that.." --- All I had was all I needed! As for Wednesday... well... it was Irish! And a piece of cake.. even though I mixed up the word "peace" with "chair" (they're pronounced the same - spelled differently.. realised only after I'd left the hall..)

Can picture my lecturer laughing his beardy little head off at my point about the Northern Ireland Chair Process that I wrote so enthusiastically..
Still did well though.

Back to study now. I will let ya know how tonight's riotous celebrations go! w00t!
Don't wait up! ^_~

*(dawn! that's the word...)


  1. could relate to your study habits. I'm big on cramming too...but never had been disappointed with the results. Anyways, do well i your exams and party hard tonight. :)

  2. good luck for the exams, beautiful..drown the boredom by partying hard lol :)