Tuesday, March 03, 2009


This place gets more mental every day!

Right, so, was in college for about 40minutes today helping out with a big society thing (would have loved to have stayed longer) and, when about to leave to go back to work, said "sorry lads I really gotta be getting home"

Home?! Could be a slip of the tongue (like in primary school when you accidentally called your teacher mom) or... well... could have something to do with the 12+ hours a day I'm spending here! Doing your (un-freakin'-paid) work experience in the same place you already work part-time isn't something I'd recommend.

I thrive on being busy and, ok, most days I really love this, and I especially love the work I've been doing with the radio and everything (www.raidiorira.ie!!) ... but I can't help missing what things were like before Christmas; I'd work hard, and play harder, haha... I was busy and stressed, but had it all under control - comfortably enough to still go out and go crazy 3 or 4 times a week.. to still have some free time to speak of. Time for friends too! Think that's the main reason I haven't felt like myself. I like my own company, but not SO MUCH of it.

But, hey, it's better to feel like you've too much going on than too little, right?


Speaking of too much going on... one particular project still hasn't quite gotten off the ground. And it's frustrating, and I'm sure it would probably never come to much even if it did happen... But it's not worth worrying about anymore. I tried. What more can I do? It's not my fault it's not "happening". And I know for a fact that, even in the best-case scenario, it would be more time-consuming than absolutely everything else put together. And I would have even less time for friends/self.

Then again... it might make things easier in another sense.

GrrrrRRR. Headache. That's it. Enough. I've wasted enough time wondering about it and weighing it up. Done. Hands washed of it. Was always a bad idea. Back to drawing board. Different plan. Shiny new plan. (hehe..)

Ní freakin' fiú é. :D

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