Friday, March 27, 2009


"This Lady here was wondering..."

woah woah - back up. Lady?!

What happened to Girl?
I think the first time I realised I wasn't "girl" anymore was when someone in a Walmart in Florida said, "Can I help you ma'am?"

Ma'am? I'm not a ma'am! I must've been around 16.
I laughed - must be an American thing...
But it wasn't long 'till I started getting it at home, too.

Mother on street to kid: "Now, let the lady get by."

OH! And the worst yet?
"Where would you like to sit, madam?"

Madam my ARSE. I don't even think my Mum's old enough to warrant "Madam."

What's my age-bracket now... 21-35, right? My God that's a wide box. Imagining where I'll be when I tick the NEXT box is dizzying.

I still remember watching Saved by the Bell and thinking how COOL 16 year olds were and how I would NEVER get to 16. It seemed a lifetime away.

And, y'know, all things considered, my 16th year WAS pretty Sweet.
My first love... Wow. So many good memories... I hope he's well.
I'd found my first "real" friendships since moving to Limerick. (About time!)
My first biiiiiig gig! Metallica! :D Had a soft spot for anything heavy since.
I got my confidence, my happiness, and EVERYTHING back. Badder than ever. Me again. (Well, gradually! But it all started that year.)

Shit. I know there was more. But it won't come to me. Well, it's been a long week.
And it's Friday and I've just finished work and my back is killing me but I'm gonna pop out to meet some Limerick buddies that're here in Dubsville on some sort of college trip (or convention or something).

Really though, 21? When did THAT happen? Where'd all those years go?

I think I knew I was definately An Adult™ was when I got my loan. I'm in debt! And probably will be for most of the rest of my life.

All in all, though, it's exciting. This time next year I'll be nearly finished college. I'll probably have had SOMETHING published (hopefully! Should get onto that.) I'll have built up loads more experience (fingers crossed!) I might even have already decided my next move.

Knowing me? Nah! If anything, I'll be MORE clueless. I'll take a wild stab in the dark and end up somewhere completely unexpected and drive my parents a little bit loopier - but they'll laugh too 'cos it tends to work out for me. Bizarrely.

I mean, Journalism? Changed my mind 20 minutes before the absolute, last minute, online deadline for the change-of-mind CAO (College Application) Form. SO last minute was I, that I didn't even get a reply; seems the server JUST processed it, then closed up.


Anyway. Even though, a few days ago, I tweeted that "I think I've aged since last week" (true!), it's not so bad. I may be An Adult™, but I've decided I am NOT "old" until I stop getting ID-ed while buying cigarettes.


  1. Remind me to pick your brains on some journalism stuffs.

    And remember to keep smiling, because those crows-feet will start creeping in... and the perkiness will go... and... well, that's the beginning of the end, really.

    I'm 25 soon!

  2. When did our lives become so adult? lol I ask myself that literally all the time. :)

    And we're in the same age, yes? were you born in 1987?

  3. i was indeed, dollface!

    best year 'round, by my likening.

    try my sad-ass, took-me-ages-to-string-together, 1987 youtube playlist - for proof of how bleddy awesome our year really is! all the best #1s of the year, and the worst, and then some..: