Monday, March 09, 2009

Who's laughing now?

"I laugh at everything (Well, almost)"

I wrote that^ in my profile on Bebo years ago when I first set it up. I've copied and pasted a similar version of the same spiel on roundabout every profile since. I stopped thinking about what I was pasting.

It's on my blogger profile. --->
I look at that line today, and feel like I should remove it.

When I wrote it, it was true, but I wouldn't write it today.

I'm not less happy - I'm very content at the moment!
Just... less carefree, I guess? Significantly less free time too. And... ay... so tired....

Off to bed then!


  1. Ahhhh the perks of growing up maybe. Somehow for me life isnt as funny as it used to :P

  2. Interesting how when we're young, everything is shiny and glorious and lovely and warm...

    And then as we grow up, everything is tinged with... uncertainty and doubt and bitterness.

    The world loses its sparkle. We smile less easily.

    When we're young, we expect almost everything to wow us, or to make us giggle. As we get older it's sadly not the cas any more.

  3. Anonymous4:10 pm

    I found the opposite.

    The world makes me smile, I laugh at everything.

    Im sad when I have reason to be. but Im still happy, because being sad is part of life, and in a way, it shows you that you are still alive.