Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Start it off with a Positive Jam"

I'm feeling more like myself today than I have in a long time. It's great! I took the night off work - yes, I'm down €50, and no, I can't work another night to make it up... but Who. Fucking. Cares.
I had a night off and it felt great.

Bowm Baahow-wowm pah bow'wowm bah dap waaaow... Positive Jam's stuck in my head and I loooove it...

I felt so, so sick and tired earlier. I wasn't even in work for very long - I was so dreading the idea of it, doubled over with a migraine for most of the morning, and I couldn't face going in 'till the afternoon. On my way in, I text a friend and thank GOD he said he'd cover for me tonight because I just couldn't face it.

I don't think I seemed too out of sorts, though. A little, but not nearly as much as I felt; which is always a triumph.

Right now though, I'm anything but out of sorts. Tonight was... therapeutic! And badly needed!

The typing seems to be keeping my roommate up, so I'll keep this short.

I tidied my room this evening. And I mean, REALLY. Reorganised everything, found stuff I forgot I owned, tried on clothes I can't remember even buying, cleaned out all the crap - I now know where everything is, I feel good, and I did it ALL listening to a playlist of what was my favourite music for years!

Old metal albums, bitta Floyd (although I kept skipping to the next song about a minute in - they bore me when I'm not "in the mood" for them, if ya know what I mean!) Lots of Punkins.. love them... bit of old skool punk and chillies and a whole host of surprises from the dozens of old mix cds I made/received over the years that have some of the most bizarre music on'm - God I miss this stuff!

Also, favourite album at the moment? The Hold Steady - Almost Killed Me. Where has this band been all my life?!

For my 21st back in November I got €50 of HMV vouchers and bought CDs for the first time since I was 16. And, feeling a little adventurous, decided I'd go for stuff that I had an inkling I'd like, but that was different to what I'd usually listen to. I didn't allow myself pick up any album by any band who I could name a song by.

So, as well as that fanTAStic CD, I got Narrow Stairs by Death Cab for Cutie (it's ok - I don't LOVE it though... anyone else think the singer's very Placebo-ey?)
And Love's Forever Changes that a friend recommended aaaages ago and that I'd been meaning to check out (didn't strike the chord with me that he insisted it would, but still, happy with my purchase. Different. Very different. And I love different.)

I forgot how much I like music.

I wanna watch Almost Famous again.

I should get that DVD.

God I'm in a great mood. :) I'd forgotten myself in all the busy hectic dramatic bullcrap. More nights off. More music. More gigs, too.. Thursday was fan-fucking-tabulous.

Yes, I hate that word too, but I used "fantastic" earlier and didn't realise till I'd already typed the "fan" part and had to go somewhere with it!



PS - got meself a webcam. I'm thinkin of giving this "Vlogging" lark a go. Any tips?


  1. Anonymous3:44 am

    One hot minute is a great chili's album if you haven't heard it

  2. i have! i havem't listened to it in years! i have it somewhere in my home house in Limerick. should seek it out next time i'm there!


    thanks for reminding me!

  3. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Almost Famous is a very good movie. i love it too :)

  4. Aw, Chillis... Blood Sugar Sex Magik was one of my first ever CDs, along with a bunch of Jimi Hendrix albums, which I stole (borrowed) from a guy that was staying with us at the time.

    Amazing album!

    If you hop on MSN, I'll give you some good 'lessons' for vlogging...