Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nothing stressed me out today.

I hate this. I'm bored - something that doesn't happen a lot. Le tamall anuas, whenever I've had nothing to do, I've collapsed in a heap and slept - tired from all the stuff I was doing!

I shouldn't have taken the day off. Precious few left. After Friday, no more Work Experience. And no luck on the job front just yet. What will I do?

I have no new "news". I tried on a dress I didn't like... Thought about the logo I'm working on... Sketched on some scrap paper... Got a Quiznos... It was fun, like, but...

Nothing stressed me out today. Nothing. Today was just... a day...

.. Wasted?


  1. Anonymous10:29 pm

    It is fairly soul destroying

  2. Anonymous12:53 am

    Also it appears that not even been stressed out stresses you out :)

  3. AHHHHH a robotic day? I'm totally familiar with it when I have so many things I have to do and my head beyond explodes.