Monday, May 18, 2009

A little surprise.

I found this written on the back cover of a tattered, yellowed copybook at work:

For Good Human Relationships
Speak to people
Be sincerely cordial
Smile at people
Call people by name
Be friendly and helpful
Be genuinely interested in people
Consider the feelings of others
Be alert to render service
Respect the opinions of others
Praise generously;
Criticise cautiously.

You can come across the oddest things in my bar… It was so strange. Just a normal copybook. God knows what made them print this on the back – in big bold print, with no clear reason for it, except… well, why not? Maybe that particular printing company had a notion they’d change the world… One copybook at a time! ^_^

It certainly gave me something to think about that night at work

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  1. They're indeed great advices :) people tend to forget those but they're very applicable.