Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I miss my blog.

I was just getting good at it, blogging regularly and all that -- I was getting REALLY good at it! But I'm so busy. I don't have any time. I love it - I'm on work experience and it's amazing fun, challenging! fascinating! engaging! so, so, so rewarding.

But exhausting. And I still have to work part time almost every evening cos I don't get a penny from the work placement, as it's part of my college course.... sigh. I wish this was my only job. I could give so much more to it if I wasn't so completely drained from the night before.. not that I'm not doing it well as it is - I am!! But I know I could be so much better - faster - but not with this cloud of tired fuzziness hanging over me... I really, REALLY hope I don't look as tired as I feel...

Wonder how long I can keep this up? Will I gradually just start coming in later and later in the mornings? Or will I start sleeping downstairs and never leave the place? Ha...wouldn't put it past me!

Big, very horrible bomb dropped on me last night (bad, bad news) and was so shook up that I couldn't sleep till 6... which was annoying cos I had to get up at 8... to run into college and apologise for someone else not doing their job and leaving it up to me at the last minute... no, AFTER the last minute.. the deadline had PAST when i was told; it's not done, you do it!

so... 2 hours sleep... and I was tired enough as it was... and... yeah.

That's actually all I have time to write. *shrug*



  1. you busy woman, good luck with everything yeah? Stay warm :)

  2. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Well, get better soon and hopefully we'll see more of ur writing when ur not so tired. :)

  3. Anonymous10:29 am

    Yeah dude, again, so sorry about heaping that on you.
    Stupid internet...+ stupid ppl that dont do their stupid jobs that they had WEEKS to do!!!

    (dont tell her i said that) ;-)