Saturday, February 21, 2009

Big Question!

It’s 6am. And I just wrote a big long essay-length post a few hours ago – I know!! - but must post this! Will keep it brief.

I was sitting here, unable to sleep, doing one of those shitty internet quizzes, and I came to the simplest question in the world - but it really unsettled and surprised me.

Dog or Cat?

It seemed like nothing, and I scrolled down lazily to click dog… Then I thought, why was I clicking dog?

Because they’re more loyal, nicer pets. They care.
I froze.
But they need so much more attention. And I can’t always be there. And it’d be lonely, and restless. And eat everything in the house. I don’t think I could give it the time it needs. I can’t promise I’ll be there enough. I might not be able/happy to make time for it. I might get bored of it - or take it for granted - but the poor thing would be totally reliant on me and miserable. That would be horrible!

Click cat!

But all a cat wants is affection when it suits it, and food, and for its every need to be catered for, and it’ll give nothing back.
But… at least it’s completely indifferent to neglect; Independent enough to just… up and leave.



  1. Easy if I had to make that choice. Puppy. I've always been a dog person. Make it Bichon puppy, they're adooorable :)

  2. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Ah ha, ur thinkin too much. I would just click whatever randomly.. i actually like both. Dogs are mor loyal.

  3. We recently put down my 13 year old cat... Sad. But not as sad as if it had been my companion, like a dog, for 13 years.

    Cats are somewhere inbetween Budgies and Dogs I think... we'll just get another cat!