Monday, December 29, 2008

Bring it on!!

Bring on the New Year, bring on the new semester, bring on the dramas, stress and hectic mayhem of Dublin and all the wonderful things I associate with that freakin' BEAUTIFUL city!! I feel refreshed, revitalised, ready for the New Year - I've had my holiday and Limerick (though cozy at first) has once again grown too small for me and I'm DYING to get back on track!!

So much to do, so much to do! People to see - people I haven't seen in a while especially! Stuff to organise, plans to make, work to do - writing! Must start writing! Must get published! Must start drawing again! And why not? About time I made time for something I enjoy (besides drinking, chain-smoking with sex'n'the city, late-night phone calls, and hazy conversations during those sweet hours that don't really exist in other peoples' lives...)

Bounce back? Understatement!
I'm dying to get back in the ring. I haven't quite been my superwoman-self these last few months; but these exams will be a WALKOVER (I've never failed an exam in my life and I don't plan to start now) and I'll have such a good time doin' work-experience and everything will fall into place. Like it always, always does. I regret nothing I've ever done. At the times it tortured me the most, life has taught me the most.

Most recent lesson? When approaching breaking point - TAKE A BREAK!! Lucky Christmas holidays came when it did is all I'll say.. It hasn't been a rosy holiday.. and it's nowhere near stress-free.. or over.. but it's just what I needed.


  1. Anonymous5:58 pm

    I promise to never stop smoking (well honeslty i am failing at it miserably!!) if you teach me irish! haha. wait that back fired...

    jaysus never failed an exam? what are you -superwoman?!

    I was so happy to find a blog with a journalism student that writes in irish. i've been pestering my bf about learning irish for weeks now. :)

    thanks for your comments x

  2. I wish we could take breaks more often. I think I'm just too lazy haha