Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snow in the City

It was beautifully snowy in Dublin today. This winter's been snowier than I've ever seen in my life. At home in Limerick, it was the first white Christmas we've ever had.

Dublin shut down today. (City of drama-queens...) Shops and pubs and everything closed and the buses stopped - everything screeched to a standstill. (It's just a little snow! The rest of the country shrugged and got on with it, but when Dublin's slippery, the world stops!)

Sigh. Anyway. Seeing as College, like most everything else, was closed, and I had nothing better to do... I grabbed my camera and headed for a walk.

Here are my faves:

Enjoy! ^_^
(If you wanna see the rest, see here: X)


  1. You got some fantastic shots! I can't wait to go visit Ireland one day! The snow looks great1 I've never really seen snow.

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  3. Those are great shots Smokes. I imagine the Trinners prob had a doorman service that carried the poor students around in case their feet got cold.

    Also, loved the coffee post, I feel every day like I could do with an IV shot of one. Still haven't found a coffee to rival it here, but I'm trying.

    Hope you're well