Saturday, January 02, 2010

Clumsy? Me?

After a nice new year's dinner with parents and couple of family friends, sitting around playing pictionary. (Cute!) I pour myself a glass of wine (my FIRST) and take a sip. Then it's our turn.

I reach for a pencil... and my elbow grazes my glass, making it wobble slightly.

Panicked, my cat-like reflexes kick in and I lunge to grab for it... swinging it off the table with the back of my hand. On my second attempt I sorta swing an upper-cut at it in mid-air, making it spin and splatter all over my sister, before it crashes to the ground.

And I couldn't even blame the wine as I hadn't but a small sip drank.

I can only hope my reflexes are as quick if I'm ever attacked. I'll spot the villain wobbling out the corner of my eye, and have him dazed on the ground in seconds.

On the other hand...if a friend was ever to slip suddenly, say, and I end up back-handing and thwacking them in the face...that would be less helpful.

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  1. Another Irish blogger! I feel like I should say 'begorrah!' or something...

    And don't talk to me about clumsy - after a relatively non-spill valentine's day, my boyfriend left the room for two minutes - TWO MINUTES - to run down to get water, and when he arrived back he swung open the door to find me kneeling on the carpet in my underwear, staring despondently at a smashed wine glass embedded in the carpet, surrounded by a wine-soaked chair, a wine-soaked duvet, a wine-soaked WALL... To this day I have no idea how I managed to make such a mess.

    Also, I should point out we were staying at the Hilton - cue much scrubbing to try not leave wine stains on the wall...