Saturday, September 08, 2007

You're so vain......

I love makeup. I love experimenting with colours and shades and designs. I love cutting my own hair. I love getting dressed up. I find NOTHING more relaxing or soothing than sitting in front of a mirror and poking and prodding at myself. I could spend hours at it! Just like I’ve often spent hours drawing!

I’m not vain. I suppose I’m like a cat… or a bird or something; I preen when I’m bored! It’s not the same as vanity because it’s not that I’m obsessive about how I look; I don’t discreetly check myself out in darkened shop windows to admire myself! No! To me makeup's like a hobby. It’s listed in my “Interests” and if you click you’ll notice I’m not the only one. It’s relaxing and fun and I’d even go as far as to call it a type of art.

The wikipedia article on body modification lists makeup along with things like ear piercing, tongue splitting(yuck), tattooing, scarification, foot-binding, tooth filling, skin removal, implantations, branding and corsetry… Isn’t that strange? Read the article – – I actually couldn’t get over how they can put something like Neck-Stretching in the same category as fake tan! Essentially, they are all just different ways of messing with how you look.

And think about it – it’s makeup ARTIST, tattoo ARTIST – it’s art and it’s just like any form of self expression. That’s what I see makeup as anyway... A little flick of eyeliner and carefully blended colours - without it I don't feel like ME. Just like my mole or my tattoo - the way I do my make-up's another thing that makes me different. I don't feel confident without it either. It's no harm and it's an insecurity I'll probably grow out of.

People have said, oh but that's the real you! Don't cover it up! ... Well, feck that! It doesn't FEEL like the real me. I've had various skin conditions and used aaaall sorts of chemicals on it over the years and it's left my skin's pigmentation looking a little funny. I don't think that's "the real me". It's not what I want people to see when they look at me. If I look good, I feel good. And when ya feel more comfortable it's easier to be yourself, right?

I dunno, as usual I’m rambling a bit... I just, y'know, I HATE the word "vain". I hate the idea of it. I hate that it’s a criticism! It shouldn’t be! Yes, of course it’s bad to be preoccupied with oneself, but what’s wrong with a little extra self confidence? Everyone could use it. And everyone SHOULD love themselves and look after themselves. Their health, their mind, their appearance... How can you be happy if you don't love yourself?

Is it vain to have pride in how you look? Is it vain to KNOW when you look well; to agree with a compliment? Why shrug it off or get uncomfortable - don't argue with compliments! Say thank you!!!

Is it vain to spend hours – and hundreds of euro – on how you look?
Well, that’s what this guy did. Is this vanity?!

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