Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mount first, ask questions later!

I read this article a few weeks ago....
think it was from Time magazine's archives - not sure. anyway, it said something like - the only reason man invented language was so that he could complain!

we'd be so much better off without language. it does nothing for us but complicate things!

once language started to develop, people complained, and could have their opinions heard - and people listened, and rules were made...
rules that decided what was "bad" and "good" with complicated reasons as to why.

we all have this belief that we as humans are so much better than animals - but isn't life so much simpler for them?? why d'ya think relationships are so much more confusing for us than for animals? (mount first, ask questions later! or not at all!)
it's because of all the talking!! what good does all that talking do when the only reason for relationships or anything else is survival of the species. sorry to burst people's bubbles, but belief in "soul mates", like most beliefs, are just side-effects of the invention of language....... as we all know people do have a tendency to talk crap. i think that tendency's probably been there since the dawn of time..

have you ever noticed how much easier it is to show you're happy (smile) than to show you're sad?
or angry? it's never as simple as making a face - you still DO pull a face, but only so you can get people's attention, and can then explain yourself. how you feel. what's troubling you. what's on your mind.

i was talking to this guy who hasn't the best English, and it was so easy to talk to him and get on with him! i mean, i found myself having to talk slower, and think more about what i was saying in order to say things in the simplest way. i found i felt better about what i was saying. i was thinking way clearer since i had to cut out the crap. i realised how needless all the other words and embellishments really are...
no one cares if you're deep or aloof or a mystery wrapped in an enigma or whatever stupid angst-ridden image you're tryin to perpetuate for yourself to seem more all comes down to attraction. you can be the most DULL person in the world and someone can fall for you. not because you're full of enough hot air to fly a blimp, but because it doesn't MATTER what you say or think or whatever. no one will care as much as you wish they would. many people like the sound of their own voice and may have loads to say, but only a TINY % of it is even WORTH saying, if you think about it...
opinions and personalities are temporary, fickle, irrational and (for lack of a better word) random!

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  1. Anonymous9:01 pm

    God you're mad altogether..! Ah I'm only messing with ya..! Just wanted to say that I love the blog :P