Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Working on my law assignment, got a text from a classmate asking what time tomorrow it was due... (it's 2am, so by tomorrow I mean today)

Here's the jist of the answer he got;

I can't be sure.. all the handout says is "on or before Wednesday 25th", but it then goes on to say that "late submissions will be penalised as per the Course Handbook", which suggests the deadline must be what the course handbook defines it as, ie. 4pm on the given date. But you could probably argue that it was unclear.

Hmm. Can you tell I've been reading effing law stuff for the last few days..?

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  1. welcome to the law, probably best you say goodbye to any soul you might have, endless reading and the words 'construction' and 'interpretation' may cause it to splinter somewhat.

    best of luck though! haha

    (cheery message)