Thursday, June 11, 2009


I wish everyone would just shut up and realise they're talking shite. Making noises. Might as well be grunting at each other, for all the good it does. Conversation? Nope. Not by my definition...

I'm just not in a people mood today. Not in the mood for listening to, and pretending to care about, the drivel they're spewing.

I've no internet at home, so I should probably use this opportunity to write some awesome post... but.. nope. That's it.

Workin my way through my Marilyn Monroe box-set - love it. Must get the other half of the collection some day..!

My jobs have me nackered. The full-time's great, and the other part-time stuff...well.. I can cut down a little once the first payment comes my way.

I HATE having to wait a month for my money. But - Christ - it's gonna be sweet.
26th of June. It's gonna be a hell of a night out.

And I'll get my hair done, and shop somewhere OTHER than Tesco's, and and - maybe a new hairdryer that isn't a fire-hazard! :)

Really! Look at this place. It's so... bizarre. Out of place everywhere in the world. With it's politics and it's drippy pipes and it's ...everything.
How did I get here?

Sometimes I have to do a double-take; like, really?! This is MY life? Where'd it all come from? How'd it all happen? And what the fuck is next..?


  1. I hope I didn't inspire this entry... *grins and tickles the rambunctious blonde*

    I better go respond to your comment before you tear me a new one.

  2. Uve 2 jobs? whatcha doin part time?
    I tote know what you mean, sometimes you just wish people would shut the f up!! :-)

  3. I have one of those early twenties identity crisis as well. That;s all I ask myself, "How do I get here? What did I do?"

  4. hehe. Seb... don't flatter yourself.. :P

  5. It's hard, y'know when you have cute blondes getting all worked up and excited over something I've written...

    There isn't much else that gets the blood pumping faster...

  6. oh, and;

    @Electric - still workin' in me bar!